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Style your Divi and WooCommerce Headers, create footers and 404 page with Xpand plugin.


WooCommerce Headers Builder (After menu section) 

Create  header for all shop page using a Divi  and custom module WooCommerce Title.

WordPress Header Builder (After menu section)

Create header for all WordPress page using a Divi Builder Layout and custom module WordPress Title

WordPress Header bars (Before menu section)

Create custom bar or layout for all  page using a Divi Builder Layout.

404 Page Visual Customizer

Create a 404 Page Template Using a Divi Builder Layout.

Footer Builder (After content section)

+ Bonus  Module in Module 🙂

You can try to add the code to standard modules (Text module)

WooCommerce header (Search/ shop page/ Archive):

404 Page Buldier

Module in Module!

Xpand plugins will display a code for each existing Layout inside the DIVI library. Copy this code and add to module ????    simple module in module divi… ????

 Inject layout 

 If you want display layout in sections go to widgets section and  put “divi layout” widget to new  sidebar. Next chose layout in widget and save widget in sidebar 🙂

That’s all ????

WPML compatible

If you want, you can add this plugin to child themes for sale  ????

Xpand Lite for Divi 404 Page (FREE)…

If you want, you can download Xpand Lite For divi 404 page to test how this plugin works  ????

This small free plugin allow you to create 404 page in divi page buldier.

Download: xpandlite

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful 😉

Details & Pricing


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