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WooFeed for Mailchimp

Details & Pricing

Wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically send an email to all your customers every time you added a new product to your WooCommerce shop? Well now you can with WooFeed for Mailchimp – integrating WooCommerce and Mailchimp to automate product announcements!

Once set up (which takes around 20 minutes) – Mailchimp will automatically email your list with new details of new products that have been released since the last email was sent. Including the description, product photo, price and of course a link directly to your shop.

This has never been possible before now, and will drive sales to your shop from your existing customers, without you having to do anything.

We use the same technology that is used to publish blog posts with Mailchimp – but add in the missing information like the price and product image. The feed can be customised by Category or Tag, sort order based on price, date, title, menu-order or randomised, ascending or descending.

You can also add an offset so that the feed can highlight the first product with the feed starting at the second one, for styling purposes.

You can choose the number of products to show in the feed, hide the price if you wish, and decide where in the product description the price will be shown, at the top or the bottom.

So much functionality at such a small cost.

You may install this product on any number of websites that you build for yourself or your clients. You will receive 6 months support and updates, after which you may have to purchase a support contract in 6 month packages.

*Support is provided by vendors directly.

Please login to access the support form. you can do so here

Details & Pricing


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