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The Ultimate Jumping Header Fix

Details & Pricing

This simple plugin solves one of the biggest reported problems with Divi, the infamous jumping header.

You know when you load a page on your site and just as it loads you notice the content pushed down a bit.

There are lots of tutorials online explaining how to fix this phenomenon and all involve inspecting the page source and copying CSS around. This plugin avoids the need to do any of that and instead offers an ‘activate and forget‘ solution.

Installation Instructions

  • Upload plugin as normal
  • Activate and visit your home page
  • That’s it!


  • If you would like to disable this fix on a per page basis you can do that. Just edit the page you DON’T want the fix to be present on and you’ll notice a box below the publish button. Set the dropdown to ‘yes’ and save the page. That’s it!

Note: you absolutely do not need to pay for this plugin and there is no support offered as we know it will either work or not. It works on 9 out of ten sites we tested and its just too easy to use. If you want to get it for free and then find it works, come back here and buy the developer a coffee to say thanks. 🙂 

You may install this product on any number of websites that you build for yourself or your clients. There is no support offered on this plugin as it will either work or not.

If you have put in a solution found on the web, its a good idea to remove that if you intend to use this plugin.

*Support is provided by vendors directly.

Please login to access the support form. you can do so here

Details & Pricing


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