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The Final Countdown: Battle Suit for Divi – Countdown Add-On

Details & Pricing

Divis Countdown Module is very limited – not only in the possibilities to style the module but especially when it comes to advanced functionality. Thats why we took our turn to come up with something you surely will fall in love with. Forget about the Divi Countdown, here comes the Battle Suit for Divi – Countdown Add-On.

So what does make our module better than Divis Countdown module? Phew, where do we start there? Maybe the completely customisable style of the counter? You can choose to use one of our build in styles like the Flip Clock or the Block Clock or create your very own style using a very simple, yet super effective template style together with custom HTML. You could even create a countdown inlined in some text if you want to. Check out the demo page to get an idea.

Details & Pricing


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