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Material Blurb for Divi

Details & Pricing

The only Blurb you will want to use

Material Blurb for Divi is the perfect module to show off stuff on your Divi site. It perfectly integrates into the Divi Builder and has endless customizing options.



Material Blurb for Divi has 3 main features: Image, Text and Call to Action. Every part of the Blurb is optional and highly customizable – but there is even more. Material Blurb for Divi implements the popular Material Design.

It’s up to you to choose which components you use. You can mix them as you like.

But thats not all. You can add a second image which gets shown when hovering over the module. This lets you create incredible designs – for example by adding partly transparent overlays.


The module makes use of Material Designs elevation principles. That means that the module either lies flat on the surface or hovers above it. You can choose between 6 levels of elevation. Elevation can be set separately for regular and hover state.


Material Design Elevation does not change the size or position of the blurb. However, in some cases you might want to do exactly that. So we implemented custom hover animations as well to make the blurb under the mouse really pop.


From the heading to the button alignment to the border – you can customize every aspect of the module directly in the Divi Builder. And if the all the buttons and sliders are not enough, there is a custom CSS field for every div.


With the Single Site License you can install and activate the module on one site. With the Unlimited Sites License, you can install and activate the module on as many sites as you like – perfect if you are a freelancer or a web design agency.

You can deactivate a Single Site License and remove the module from your site if you decide to use it on another site. All licenses are lifetime licenses. That means that you will get free updates forever.

Whats next?

We have great plans for Material Blurb for Divi. On our todo list are several points on which we are working and which you will get for free with the next updates.

  • More animations. Are there animations you would like to see? Feel free to tell us!
  • Design library. Preconfigured blurbs and rows for your convenience.
  • Smarter defaults. Add switches for page wide defaults in the Module Customizer.
  • Field descriptions. Some fields don’t have descriptions. Though, most fields are self explanatory, we guess they are nice to have
  • Whats on your wishlist? You can contact us at any time! We love to hear from you

Checkout the documentation first and if you still need help open a
support ticket.

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This theme, layout or plugin is comprised of two parts.

1. The PHP code and integrated HTML are licensed under the General Public
License (GPL). You will find a copy of the GPL in the same directory as this
license file.

2. All other parts, including but not limited to the CSS code, images and design are
copyrighted by the vendor concerned and are NOT licensed under GPL.

This license allows the item to be used in projects for either personal or commercial use by you or on behalf of a client. The item cannot be offered for resale either on its own, in part, or as part of a larger project including that being part of a hosting offer. Distribution of source files is not permitted.


*Support is provided by vendors directly.

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Details & Pricing


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