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Filterable Grid for Divi

Details & Pricing

*For Use in Divi Classic Builder*

Filterable Grid for Divi โ€“ The Portfolio Module Elegant Themes should have made

Filterable Grid for Divi is the perfect solution if you want to display a filterable portfolio without the need to use Divis build in Project post type.

What does Filterable Grid for Divi do?

Have you used the (filterable) Portfolio module in the past? Thats how Filterable Grid for Divi looks right out of the box. But thats just the very basics. Unlike the Filterable Portfolio, Filterable Grid for Divi does not force you to use the Project post type to back the grid. Filterable Grid for Divi allows you to generate grid items from any post type you want.

And thats not all, you can also add grid items manually or even mix manually created grid items and generated grid items in the same grid. Generated grid items donโ€™t have to come from the same post type. You can mix them as you desire.

What about the settings?

Filterable Grid for Divi solves all these little problems the Filterable Portfolio has, the lack of settings above all. There is a setting for nearly everything and if you really find that a setting is missing, just contact us and we will implement it for you โ€“ promised!

But besides all the switches, sliders, pickers and drop downs, there is even more. Custom CSS fields allow you to target each piece of the module and most of the settings can be set globally on the module level and get overwritten on a per item level.

There are dozens of settings you can use to change the way the module behaves and looks. You can for example fully style the filter buttons and of course style the grid items โ€“ globally or independently.

You can show or hide the filters so there is no need for a second module and filters can be generated automatically from the configured grid items or you can decide manually which filter buttons to display in which order.

Another great feature is the ability to sort items manually, alphabetically or randomly โ€“ either globally on the module level or for each (generated post type) grid item separately. And this is just the beginning. There are so many settings. Check out the demo page and the documentation to learn more about the endless possibilities of Filterable Grid for Divi.

Do you need Help?

If you find yourself lost and need help, please use check out the FAQ on the Demo page. If your question is not answered, please use the contact form on the Demo page (at the bottom of the page). Elegant Marketplace is just the platform and they will probably not be able to help you with specific questions related to this plugin.

Checkout the documentation first and if you still need help open a
support ticket.

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UNLIMITED  โ€“ You may install this product on any number of websites that you build for yourself or your clients. You will receive 6 months support โ€“ premium support charges may be incurred after this period. Updates are for the life of the product.

SINGLE USE โ€“ You may install this product on one website that you build for yourself or your clients. You will receive 6 months support โ€“ premium support charges may be incurred after this period. Updates are for the life of the product.

Please be aware that you will need an amount of experience in Divi Theme and WordPress to take advantage of our themes and plugins.
Please make your decision to purchase based upon your skill level to see if our products fit your needs. Due to the nature of Digital Downloads, Refunds are not possible โ€“ please ensure that the product you are buying will do the job you want it too.

All support for products is handled by Vendors and contact details will be included in the download packages. If contact details are not found within the files, please do contact us and we will be happy to put you in touch with the vendor concerned. 

*Support is provided by vendors directly.

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Details & Pricing


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