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Divi Timeline Module

Details & Pricing

**********Fully Compatible with Visual Builder**********

A lot of developers and designers just love the look and feel that a timeline gives you. Whether you’re presenting a step by step item, showing chronological data or just featuring some interesting content, a timeline can be the right layout of choice. I have created a couple of exciting new modules module which do just this. Simply add either of the modules and either add each timeline item, content, read more link then style it OR select where the items should come from (ie, posts, pages, portfolio items!). It couldn’t be easier.


This works responsively also. The alternating item layout in the screenshots works when in 1 column mode and in 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 etc the timeline bar is offset to the left (see screenshots). Each timeline item can have it’s own icon, colour, content and/or read more link so you can showcase your content as you see fit. You can also use Advanced Design Settings within the module to change fonts, colours, padding etc.

To use

  • Install the plugin as normal
  • Visit any page with a Divi Page Builder active
  • Add the Timeline module and configure accordingly

Best used in 1 column layout but will work well (and still responsively) in the smaller column layouts.

Modules Included

  • Vertical Timeline – Add timeline items just like you would using the tabs module. Add the module itself and then click ‘add item’ for each item then add the content for each one.. nice and east
  • Post Timeline – This timeline looks the same as the Vertical Timeline except instead of adding items manually, they are pulled from a post type… posts, projects, products etc…

How the sub-layout works

Using the Posts Timeline (instead of the Vertical Timeline) module that comes with this plugin you can create a very flexible and configurable layout for your timeline. To make this as flexible as possible we create a layout which is used repeatedly for each item in the timeline.

Making a new layout is simple.. we first create a ‘timeline item’ template in the Divi library (Divi Library > Add new > Layout (non global)). This will feature normally an image, title and content modules.. Once that is saved you can go ahead and set up your timeline module and select in the first option the layout you just made in the Divi library. It works best with 1 or 2 cols in the sub layout but by all means have a tinker and see what you can come up with! I have included three companion modules to aid the creation of new content.. these being title, content and featured image. To make a really cool timeline with loads of extra information try my Advanced Custom Fields module plugin also available in the store here.

For any support issues, please visit this link

Details & Pricing


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