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Divi Responsive Helper

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The Divi Responsive Helper allows you to easily adjust device preview sizes, automatically fix widows, and add column stacking directly in the Divi Visual Builder!

Main Features

Feature #1 – Set Custom Preview Size In The Builder

The Divi Responsive Helper plugin adds custom preview sizes directly in the Divi Visual Builder. The new set of options allows you to quickly choose one of the customizable presets, or enter custom value. Take advantage of the full power of the three default responsive breakpoints in Divi by using our instant, customizable preview size, enabling you to make your Divi website responsive down to the pixel!

Feature #2 – Assign Column Stacking Order

You no longer have to add crazy code or pull your hair out trying to change the column stacking order. Simply use the Divi Responsive Helper custom column stacking settings in every Row and Column in the Divi Builder to change the order each column stacks on Tablet and Phone.

Feature #3 – Choose The Number of Columns

If you want to have two columns side-by-side on mobile…what do you do? You can’t! But with the Divi Responsive Helper, you can! Our super helpful column number features allows you to select the number of columns you want to have side-by-side on Tablet and Phone.

Feature #4 – Open Responsive Tabs By Default

Use the Divi Responsive Helper to automatically toggle open the three responsive tabs for Desktop, Tablet, and Phone in the Divi Builder. This annoying task is made easy with a switch of a toggle! Now when you are ready to make your site responsive you can adjust the Divi settings for each device without clicking to open the tabs for every setting!

Feature #5 – Enable The Automatic Widow Fixer

Ever get annoyed by those pesky single words at the end of a sentence or paragraph that sit on their own line? This happens a lot on Divi sites, especially on mobile, and many users don’t even realize it.

Many Divi users find themselves trying all kinds of tricks to eliminate these widows, including soft-returns, resizing text, or CSS methods that simply don’t work. The Divi Responsive Helper makes this easy with a real solution that prevents widows throughout your website.

Ease The Pain. Enjoy The Benefits!

Very Simple To Use

We have integrated the features of this plugin beautifully into the normal Divi environment, including the Divi Theme Options and within all the Sections, Rows, Columns, and Modules. Easily enable or disable the individual features!

A Remarkable Time Saver

The Divi Responsive Helper was created to save time and improve efficiency. Spend less time opening and closing responsive settings and closing the builder constantly to test the responsive screen sizes in the browser tools. Instead of confusion and hassle, spend more time being creative with your design layouts and getting stuff done!

Avoid Costly Mistakes

The default Divi responsive settings are cumbersome, awkward, and very limited. Worst of all, this can lead to embarrassing mistakes with long-term revenue loss. For example, a poorly designed mobile experience leads to much less search engine visibility which means fewer visitors and ultimately less money in your pocket. Our solutions clear up the confusion so you can edit your Divi websites to perfection.

5 Star Reviews From Our Current Customers

Tah Terence T-Boi

Woow, Awesome plugin Nelson, Pee-Aye Creative is indeed creative.

Antoine Morales

“I was hating Divi, because of the bad mobile preview, really too wide. I’m really happy I found this plugin, it’s really very helpful for creating responsive pages without switching every minute to the Google developer page. The developers are very responsive too and correct minor bugs when reported. Is really a must for creating a website.”

Ron Linders

“Hi Nelson, what a great job man! This is really a big step forward in designer responsive websites! Love it and use it all the time when developing me websites but also to review older ones. Keep up the good work!”

Greg Merriman

“Nelson’s Divi Responsive Helper plugin works really well and makes designing your site with great responsiveness at ANY size really simple. I love the fact that the team behind it seems determined to keep improving and adding to the plugin. I’m really pleased that I discovered PEE-AYE Creative and I hope that they design and release lots more plugins to help overcome Divi’s quirkiness and shortcomings.”

Sharyn Fraser

“Brilliant plugin! Especially as I am not that technical, so this saved my bacon with launching a new site that had columns and were displaying the images out of order on mobile. It does all the work and saves me so much time ensuring that the mobile view of my Divi sites is optimal – 5 stars!”

Barrie Simpson

“Column stacking – what a time saver. Nelson, you are the man – the column stacking feature certainly makes for speeding up page displays and without the need for creating three sets of modules for each – desktop, tablet and phone.“

Michael Gerontides

“I really like your plugin and I must say that it helps a lot in designing a truly responsive site. I really like the ability to define your own size, a fantastic feature. Great job, great plugin most definitely saves time and frustration. Thank you.”

Christoph Neis

“I just started using the Divi Responsible Helper – and it’s a fine little tool that has a big impact on my work. Saves me lots of time because finally I can build my pages responsive in one-stop. Thanks a lot.”


“What a top plugin ! I use it for all my client’s websites! Thank you so much.”

WR Mercier

“Nelson takes a simple approach to create programs that solve common sense issues and time related problems. His program, Divi Responsive Helper eliminates excessive time spent creating websites that look and perform GREAT on all devices. Nelson is also ultra quick to respond to questions and/or problems. Great work Nelson!”

Alan McDonald

“Definitely solves a couple usage problems with Divi and helps streamline new builds!”

Jacques Vreugdenhil

“Another great plugin from Nelson. This one is really going to help save time in developing sites for mobile screens.”

Nick Morgan

“Hey Nelson, just wanted to say that I love The Divi Responsive Helper plugin I just purchased. It has helped my workflow as well as saved me time. I can see how you came up with the name. Lol”

Anna Stansbie

“What a fantastic plugin, from the most SUPER-HELPFUL company – PEE-AYE CREATIVE! Instant, polite and informative answers to any questions. Just the best, thank you so much Nelson!”

Vera Schafer

“Responsiveness is my main concern when I deliver a website. Design may look beautiful on a desktop but we all know this is not the device most people browse and evaluate our work. It is good to find developers that listen to our priority requests and work on it first. Thank you, Nelson! You made my day today!”

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this plugin work?

The plugin adds new features directly in the existing Divi Visual Builder in the settings for modules, rows, columns, and sections. You must be using the Divi Theme or Divi Builder Plugin. Please check out our documentation page for more info on all the features.

Does this plugin add more breakpoints?

Our plugin gives you live custom preview sizes. The custom preview sizes are not CSS breakpoints. Most of the time you do not actually need more breakpoints. Instead, you should use our plugin’s custom preview size or presets to find the perfect balance of settings for the existing Desktop, Tablet, and Phone breakpoints.

Why do we need a custom preview size?

Divi comes with three main responsive breakpoints. Those are Desktop (above 981px), Tablet (980px – 768px), and Phone (767px and down). The problem is, these preview sizes are very limiting. To check how your Divi layout would look on any other screen width, you would need to exit the Divi Builder and go to your browser development tools. The endless back and forth is a hassle, and not efficient at all. Our plugin gives you live custom preview sizes directly in the Divi Builder. To be clear, the custom preview sizes are not additional breakpoints. In fact, most of the time you do not actually need more breakpoints. Instead, you should use our plugin’s custom preview size to find the perfect Divi setting for each of the existing Desktop, Tablet, and Phone breakpoints. Remember, don’t adjust the Divi settings for each of the presets or for every custom value expecting it to act like a breakpoint. Instead, use the customizable preview size as a live view within the Divi Builder to see how the layout will look at any screen size.

Why do we need the Auto-Open Responsive Tabs feature?

Making your Divi website responsive is easy, but at first it can be very confusing. Many users assume that changing the preview size for Desktop, Tablet, and Phone and then adjusting the settings is applying different unique settings to each device. But this is misleading. To apply different settings to each device, you need to have the three main responsive tabs open under each Divi setting.

After you create a beautiful Divi layout on desktop and are ready to go through your site and make it responsive, it is annoying to have to click the little responsive icon on every setting to open the responsive Desktop, Tablet, and Phone tabs. This feature opens these tabs automatically for you, saving you time and hassle.

What does the widow fixer do?

The widow fixer feature checks your paragraph and heading text (depending which settings you are using) and checks how many words on the last line. It automatically forces the words to match the desired setting. For example, if you set the minimum to no less than three words on the last line, it will automatically bump words down so that there are three words on the last line. This helps your text look more professional on all devices.


Please be sure to browse all the documentation before submitting a support request. We have everything you need to know about installing and using the plugin in our full documentation area. Please reference everything there and if you have any issues you can submit a support ticket from there.


== Changelog ==

=1.3.2 November 6, 202
Added check to see if Divi is install before plugin can be activated.

=1.3.1 October 22, 2020
Fixed some small conflicts with other plugins.

Added new feature to exclude selected pages from the Widow Fixer
Added new settings in columns settings for Column Stacking Order on Tablet and Phone
Added Preview Size support for the Divi Theme Builder
Improved Auto-Open Responsive Tabs feature by excluding content fields like text and images
Fixed some bugs reported by team Elegant Themes

Relocated the settings for Presets and Custom Value to the bottom left corner in page settings next to the device icons
Added new feature allowing you to set your own custom preset values in Theme Options settings
Add new feature to set the Column Number for tablet and mobile
Added support for Theme Options settings in the Extra theme
Fixed bug with Widow Fixer conflicting with WooCommerece settings

Settings page added inside theme options
Widow Fixer plugin integrated
Column stacking options for Tablet and Phone added

Multilanguage support added

Initial Release

Checkout the documentation first and if you still need help open a
support ticket.

View Docs

Please scroll down for the support form

This theme, layout or plugin is comprised of two parts.

1. The PHP code and integrated HTML are licensed under the General Public
License (GPL). You will find a copy of the GPL in the same directory as this
license file.

2. All other parts, including but not limited to the CSS code, images and design are
copyrighted by the vendor concerned and are NOT licensed under GPL.

This license allows the item to be used in projects for either personal or commercial use by you or on behalf of a client. The item cannot be offered for resale either on its own, in part, or as part of a larger project including that being part of a hosting offer. Distribution of source files is not permitted.


*Support is provided by vendors directly.

Please login to access the support form. you can do so here

Details & Pricing


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