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— 1.0.12 —

  • Fixes an issue where the Divi Builder assigns classes wrong before the body tag

— 1.0.11 —

  • Fixes some issues with new divi selectors

— 1.0.10 —

  • Changed updater to the EMP EDD updater class
  • Fixed an issue with WooCommerce order/purchase emails
  • Fixed a CSS issue with the add to cart module based on new et selectors
  • Fixed an issue with fullwidth special sections
  • Fixed an issue with the preview mode

— —

IMPORTANT NOTE: EXECUTE THIS UPDATE ONLY IF YOU HAVE Divi 3.0.91 installed! This update integrates the new filter methods for images etc. but Divi 3.0.91 is absolutely necessary!

  • Fixes an issue with the update button on the cart page with WooCommerce 3.3.0

— —

  • Fixes a problem that causes variations to display incorrectly when using modules for Related Products, Upsell Products or the Standard Divi Shop module in the product layout because they call additional hooks that do not normally appear on product pages

— —

  • Fixed a bug that caused a fatal error in some development environments by a wrong class call

— —

  • Fixed a bug that caused a fatal error in some development environments by a wrong class call

— —

  • Added the new filter methods to the different elements
  • Fixed an issue with positioning affiliate link buttons
  • The maximum width settings for – Gallery, Related Products, Upsell Products, Tabs – have been changed to the new default settings of Divi. If you have used them before, you will need to check your products to reassign the new settings

— —

  • The rating position was changed to CSS Flexbox
  • Change of Sale Flash Border Radius control with the native module function
  • Implementation of the Singleton Pattern function DAWP()
  • An error has been fixed when using the standard shop module instead of the related products module
  • An error has been fixed for the center positioning of the breadcrumbs
  • Removed the position center option for the “add to cart” button (it’s always centered with CSS Flexbox)

— —

  • Fixes a bug in WooCommerce that prevents emails from being sent when a note is added

— —

  • Fixes a bug in WooCommerce that prevents emails from being sent when the order status changes

— —

  • Shortcodes are now executable in the Description tab
  • Change of CSS properties for the Add to cart button to FlexBox Model
  • Tab-Height-Sync can be disabled by setting the filter “dawp_sync-tabs” to false
  • Ability to disable the DAWP quantity buttons in the add-to-cart module and for the shopping cart by setting the filter “dawp_hide_qtb_cart” to true
  • Added support for the “Iconic-WooThumbs” plugin
  • The scrolling problem has been fixed by clicking on the rating stars
  • An error with the display width for the extra theme has been fixed.
  • The update script has been updated
  • The autoloader has been updated

— —

Performance modifications for the cache rebuilder. Now only DAWP module templates will be renewed.

— —

Improvements for content output

— —

Fixed a typo in “dawp-admin-min.js”

— 1.0.9 —

Removed empty p-tags surrounded the output content

— 1.0.8 —

Layouts build in the layout section are now available in products
Stability improvements for the automatic refresher in the layout area
Fixed an error that caused an infinite loop for variable products with WooCommerce 3.0.2++

— 1.0.7 —

Added support for the WooSwipe Gallery Plugin
Removed the global $dawpInstanceObj
Added trait dawpTraitGlobal and static DAWP()
A problem has been fixed with the auto cache refresh functionality
A problem has been fixed with empty modules in the layout area
Different performance improvements
Small Fixes for WooCommerce 3.0
Rewritten code basis

— 1.0.6 —

Fixed an issue with the add to cart button on safari

— 1.0.5 —

Improvements for rebuilding the cache in the layout area

— 1.0.4 —

Added the possibility to force fullwidth layouts on product pages
Small improvements

— 1.0.3 —

3 shortcodes were added to display only the content of the standard tabs (description, additional info, review)

— 1.0.2 —

Improvements for automatic error detection in localStorage
Fixed a bug that caused a fatal error with preview
Now all text strings are escaped
Different code improvements

— 1.0.1 —

The preview can now also be used within the layout editor
Improvements for rebuilding the local cache
Fixed a bug that caused a fatal error in the backend on product and layout pages when SEO plugins were used
Fixed a bug that caused updates to fail

— 1.0.0 —

Initial Release

Details & Pricing


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