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Gather – A Divi Theme for Coming Together

Details & Pricing

Checkout the documentation first and if you still need help open a
support ticket.


This child theme requires the Divi parent theme to be installed. You need an active Elegant Themes subscription to purchase the Divi theme, which is not included in the purchase price of this product. For updates to your Divi theme, you will need an API Key, which is included in your Elegant Themes membership.

The one-click import of this child theme works best on new WordPress sites. If you are working with an existing WordPress site and Divi theme, contact the author for separate files to import.

Support is provided for 3 months from the date of purchase. Support does not include customizations.

You may contact the author if you would like a quote for installation and customization of your theme.

You may receive updates to the theme following the purchase date of your child theme.

You are responsible for updates to WordPress versions, Divi versions, and plugin updates.  Gracestudio is not responsible for any conflicts due to updates with WordPress, Divi or third-party plugins.

License information

Some images in the demo are free to use and others may be copyrighted. It’s suggested you replace all images with your own, or with Creative Commons licensed images.

  • The standard price purchase allows you to use this child theme for both personal and commercial use, as many times as you like.

Photography credits: Alex Robert, Andreas Ronningen,  Ariana Prestes, Ben Rosett, Bonnie Kittle, Brooke Cagle, Brooke Lark, Bruno Nascimento, Caroline Attwood, Clem Onojeghuo, Dave Lastovekiy, Jovi Waqa, Kats Weil, Kevin Curtis, Nick Karvounis, Nils Stahl, Noah Hinton, Patrick Schopflin, Rachel Gorjestani, Rhianon Lassila, Robert Mathews, Roman Kraft, Sasha Zvereva, Scott Webb, Sweet Ice Cream Photography, Tamara Menzi, Taylor Davidson, Thomas Vimare, Toa Heftiba

*Support is provided by vendors directly.

Details & Pricing


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