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Divi WooCommerce Pro

Details & Pricing

Divi WooCommerce Pro has dozens of incredible features. Below you can see just a few highlights:

Note: the eCommerce Mega Menus are built with Divi Mega Pro. The layouts for Divi Mega Pro are included, but the plugin itself is sold separately.

Divi WooCommerce Pro Custom Theme Builder Header

Divi WooCommerce Pro includes a custom header built with the Divi Theme Builder, which means it’s easy to customize the styling and content using Divi. But we didn’t stop there. We integrated many powerful conversion-focused features into the header such as a sale/promotion rotator, header call to action button, autocomplete product search, and more.


Custom Product Page Templates

Divi WooCommerce Pro includes two gorgeous product page templates built with the Divi Theme Builder. The product page templates also integrate custom fields in order to for you to easily add more product features while maintaining a consistent design across all eCommerce products.

Frictionless Distraction-Free Checkout Experience

70% of checkouts are abandoned. That’s an eCommerce fact. However, with best-practice conversion marketing techniques, you can minimize abandoned carts and maximize conversions and sales. We got rid of the clunky default checkout that ships with WooCommerce, and replaced it with this conversion-focused checkout.

Slide-Out Shopping Cart

Just like in physical stores, online shoppers like to be able to see what is in their shopping cart at all times. We’ve added a gorgeous slide-out cart to Divi WooCommerce Pro that will not only prevent your visitors from having to navigate to a cart page, but will also help guide them towards checkout.

Quickview, Wistlist, & Gorgeous Product Grids





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